STS Subwoofer

Available in Freestanding version.

Top 25 Best awards the Sage Series, November 2011 recognized the Sage Series in listing them as one of the Top 25 Audiophile Speakers of all time.
Excite AwardThe Exc!te Award, September 23, 2010
The Sage Series STS received Custom Retailer magazine's Exc!te Award for Excellence in Custom Installed Technologies and Electronics.
CE Pro FinalistCE Pro BEST Award 2010 Finalist, September 23, 2010
The Sage Series STS has been named as a Finalist, Best Subwoofer category, in the CE Pro BEST Awards for 2010. Winners will be announced during CEDIA in Atlanta.

STS Subwoofer
The STS establishes a new benchmark in subwoofer performance. For too long, the market has had to accept residential subwoofers that are able to deliver home theater rumbles, but lack significantly in musicality, timbre and accuracy in the deep bass they provide for movies. Some customers have switched to commercial subwoofers for delivery of the extended bass and high SPL capabilities needed for large residential theaters. However, these commercial offerings weren't necessarily designed with musical accuracy in mind, either.

Until now, there hasn't been a subwoofer that is capable of delivering both unsurpassed musicality, and the high SPL and accurate, extended bass desired for the ultimate in movie performance within large residential spaces.

Wisdom Audio examined all types of transducer and cabinet loading options to determine a design that would meet and exceed the demands on both fronts. Featuring Wisdom Audio's Regenerative Transmission Line® design also used in our architectural subwoofers, the STS' highly efficient dual 15-inch woofers yield fast, dynamic results with accurate timbre for unsurpassed musicality, plus an astonishing SPL capability of 130dB at 20 Hz.

A pair of STS subwoofers can be mated to Sage Series SA Amplifiers, which can drive two STS units via its single input. Each STS will be able to deliver significant SPL in this configuration, given its 101dB sensitivity and 500-watt output of the SA Amplifiers. However, for large venues or installations where prodigious SPLs are required (or, just desired), amplifiers offering much higher output can be used in concert with the STS' peak power capability of 5,000 watts to satisfy even the most demanding applications.

In taking full advantage of the 17.5-inch dimension and uncommon shape of the enclosure, and with the port configurable to any of three sides, the STS offers unprecedented installation flexibility. An external port option even allows for placement in ceiling or floor spaces, or an adjacent room or closet.

For those customers seeking the ultimate in subwoofer performance and are able to incorporate its custom-centric enclosure into their installation, the STS is the solution. Its larger enclosure and woofers allow for output capability simply not possible with smaller designs. Yet, the STS is without peer in its ability to integrate musically with the rest of the speaker system and needs to be auditioned to be fully appreciated.

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STS Specifications
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Frequency response 20 – 80 Hz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 101 dB / 2.83V / 1m
Power handling, peak 5000w
Maximum SPL

130dB / 20Hz / 1m

Shipping weight 350 lbs. (159 kg)


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