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Solid Wall Enclosure

Solid Wall Enclosure

Solid Wall Enclosure
In addition to our in-wall Uni-Grip® mounting solution that clamps wall materials such as sheetrock or plywood, we are also proud to offer a unique architectural speaker mounting solution for installation within concrete and masonry walls. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion, the Solid Wall Enclosure (SE) is Wisdom's most aesthetically pleasing and best performing in-wall mounting enclosure.

The SE enclosure is a complete solution for solid-wall installation, designed specifically for the Sage Series. As a result of listening to our dealers and distributors, we have created a purpose-designed enclosure for our in-walls, specifically for use in concrete or brick wall construction common in Europe, as well as higher-end homes in the U.S. and Canada.

Sage Series in-wall speakers (with their integral aluminum back boxes) are mounted via screws into the aircraft-grade aluminum extrusion SE enclosure. The unique flexible rubber-magnetic mounting system then allows for an ultrathin, stainless steel grill to conform to variations in wall surfaces. An included tool is used to obtain a uniform grill distance from the wall's surface. The grill ultimately floats above the wall surface, eliminating the need for a bezel, thus yielding a clean, ultramodern appearance. And, the grill can be kept in a pure stainless steel finish, or painted, as desired.

Additional SE enclosure features include end caps with punch-outs for cable terminations, and adjustable mounting flanges for flexibility in attachment to concrete forms.

Adding this unique, elegant architectural mounting option ensures the highest level of performance where in-wall speakers are desired in historically difficult or impossible architectural situations. Until now, dealers and distributors have not had access to a refined, turnkey solution for installation in concrete and masonry walls. They and their clients have had to make a choice between true high performance and ultimate speaker placement. With Wisdom Audio's new SE enclosure, they finally can have both.


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To view the CAD drawings above, download SolidWorks eDrawings here.

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