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Sage Series

Sage Series
The Wisdom Audio Sage Series is a groundbreaking technical achievement that addresses the growing demand for high performance loudspeaker systems that can be integrated into a home to address contemporary entertainment lifestyles. Each Sage model provides the performance of an exotic audiophile loudspeaker while respecting architectural integrity and providing a pleasing visual aesthetic. This series offers unprecedented flexibility to address a range of installation options while exceeding the highest performance levels available among typical architectural designs.

Wisdom Audio enjoys a proud heritage among esoteric loudspeaker companies, having produced some of the most highly regarded (and most costly) loudspeakers in history. After more than two years of development, the Sage Series brings this remarkable performance to market with in-wall, on-wall, and freestanding solutions. Tall and slim, these loudspeakers offer sophisticated, understated elegance that can either complement or virtually disappear from the room as needed.

Every Sage Series loudspeaker features a planar magnetic hybrid design. Most of what you hear is reproduced by a thin-film planar magnetic driver, and is complemented where appropriate by unique, high operating pressure woofers. These transducers are all proprietary and designed by Wisdom Audio. Each loudspeaker also requires bi-amplification, with independent amplifier power provided directly to each portion of the loudspeaker. The SC System Controllers is therefore a mandatory part of every Sage Series system, providing high quality active crossovers upstream of the respective amplification.

However, we are also keenly aware that even loudspeakers of this extraordinary quality and performance, once placed in your home, may not be able to deliver their best performance in your room without additional tools. Walls, furniture, and other objects reflect and absorb the sound, creating complex distortions specific to your room which cannot be predicted – requiring measurements to be made on-site. Therefore, the SC System Controllers also incorporates sophisticated, professional-level Audyssey™ room correction. Every authorized Wisdom Audio dealer is trained on the proper setup and calibration of Sage Series systems within your home. The result is clear, well-balanced sound for every listener.

Australia's Sound + ImageAustralia's Sound + Image Award
The Sage Series has won Australia's Sound+Image Award in 2010 for In-Wall Loudspeaker Series of the Year in the Custom Installation category.

Sage Series Brochure and Data Sheets