S90i Subwoofer

Available in In-Wall and In-Floor/Ceiling version.


Top 25 Best awards the Sage Series, November 2011 recognized the Sage Series in listing them as one of the Top 25 Audiophile Speakers of all time.
Australia's Sound + ImageAustralia's Sound + Image Award
The Sage Series has won Australia's Sound+Image Award in 2010 for In-Wall Loudspeaker Series of the Year in the Custom Installation category.
CE Pro FinalistCE Pro BEST Award Finalist 2009, August 24, 2009
The Sage Series S90i has been named a Finalist in the CE Pro BEST Awards for 2009.

S90i Subwoofer
Originally introduced as part of the Sage Series, the S90i transcends the previous limitations of in-wall subwoofer designs. The S90i's highly efficient design yields fast, dynamic, articulate results with accurate timbre. Finally, there is a high-end subwoofer solution for customers who desire no-compromise performance but prefer the aesthetic benefits of custom installed, hidden loudspeakers.

We examined all types of transducer and cabinet loading options to determine a design that would complement the extraordinary dynamics and low distortion of our in-wall planar magnetic systems. The Regenerative Transmission Line® design of the S90i proved to be the ideal option for ensuring a high performance, no-compromise low frequency solution when installed in a stud bay, ceiling, or floor.

However, as with most subwoofer designs, some equalization is required to fully realize the performance potential of RTL designs. In most subwoofers, the requisite EQ is simply built into the plate amplifier that is part of the subwoofer itself. This approach presents a problem, however, when the subwoofer is designed to be integrated into the home itself. In active Sage Series systems that include a SC-1 System Controller, this equalization is provided by the SC-1. However, in cases such as our own Insight Series, or any other passive speaker system, where the SC-1 isn’t included, the SW-1 Subwoofer Amplifier or miniDSP-1 RTL Subwoofer Processor provide both the necessary signal processing for the S90i.

The S90i’s novel dual woofer, regenerative line design takes full advantage of stud bay space to achieve high-end performance. The S90i is constructed of a wood cabinet measuring 90-inches H x 14-inches W x 5.5-inches D that occupies a full 2 x 6 stud bay and can be mounted in-ceiling, in-wall, under risers, in closets, and in floors. This S90i is a rare example of a custom-centric design that offers competitive results versus the finest freestanding options. The S90i’s superb performance characteristics, which include flat response to 20 Hz with usable in-room energy down to 17 Hz, and outstanding dynamic capability and accurate timbre reproduction, derive from a design that would be too large to be practical in a freestanding version for typical domestic environments. Its size makes it well suited to being custom-installed and thereby hidden behind its small paintable grill and bezel.

The unique solution offered by the S90i complements not only Wisdom Audio systems, but any system in which the customer demands an in-wall solution with no compromise performance. Previously, in-wall subwoofers presented a significant performance compromise. The S90i has set the bar higher, offering a level of performance among in-wall subwoofers that was previously unavailable.

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S90i Specifications
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Frequency response 20Hz – 80 Hz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
Impedance 4 ohms
Sensitivity 93 dB / 2.83V / 1m
Power handling, peak 1000w
Maximum SPL 123dB / 20Hz / 1m
Shipping weight 65 lbs. (30 kg)


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