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L150 Line Source

Available in In-Wall and On-Wall versions.

Line Up

Top 25 Best awards the Sage Series, November 2011 recognized the Sage Series in listing them as one of the Top 25 Audiophile Speakers of all time.
Australia's Sound + ImageAustralia's Sound + Image Award
The Sage Series has won Australia's Sound+Image Award in 2010 for In-Wall Loudspeaker Series of the Year in the Custom Installation category.
China's Home Theater MagazineChina’s Home Theater Tech Magazine, December 2009
The Sage Series L150i has been awarded a Home Theater Speaker System Best Buy Award.
Excite AwardThe Exc!te Award, September 10, 2009
The Sage Series L150i received Custom Retailer magazine’s Exc!te Award for Excellence in Custom Installed Technologies and Electronics.
CE Pro FinalistCE Pro BEST Award 2009, September 10, 2009
The Sage Series L150i has been named Best In-Wall in the CE Pro BEST Awards for 2009.
P20 FreestandingThe Resi Award, September 10, 2009
The Sage Series L150i received a Resi Award from Residential Systems Magazine for Best In-Wall Speaker.
P20 FreestandingManufacturers' Excellence Award Finalist, July 21, 2009
The Sage Series L150i has been named a Finalist in CEDIA's Manufacturers' Excellence Awards.

L150 Loudspeaker
If you have not already done so, we recommend you read our Sage Series Overview before moving on to the specifics of the Sage model below.

The L150 is our premier expression of the core technology and strengths of the Sage Series, designed for those customers that demand the highest level of sonic refinement and performance available in an architectural speaker. It combines our state-of-the-art transducer elements in a way that takes full advantage of their inherent performance benefits. It offers a no-compromise solution for customers that require a high-end audiophile loudspeaker that fully integrates into their home. The Sage Series L150 is an unparalleled effort and serves as a benchmark for industry leading architectural products available today.

The L150 can be used for in-wall (L150i), or on-wall (L150m) applications. These versions can also be mixed and matched for the specific needs of the installation. All enclosures are constructed entirely from aircraft grade aluminum. Slim and elegant in design, the L150m on-wall integrates easily with a variety of décors where traditional loudspeakers might otherwise intrude excessively on the room’s appearance. Their clear anodized interlocking trim bezels and matte charcoal colored cabinet convey an exquisite balance of industrial design and build quality unique among consumer loudspeakers. The narrow aspect ratio L150i in-wall design becomes one with the wall, via its paintable grill and bezel, while its all aluminum chassis and integral back box enclosure ensure optimal and consistent performance regardless of mounting environment.

The L150 is the tallest line source in our Sage Series. Incorporating true line sources of this length is unprecedented among in-wall and on-wall speakers. Since true line source arrays effectively eliminate floor and ceiling reflections, they are ideal for large rooms or those with architectural challenges including cathedral or coffered ceilings, hard floors, etc. The large, 76-inch tall line source driver complement allows for high resolution, low distortion and extraordinary dynamic range. The result is highly detailed, dynamically accurate, genuinely effortless performance at any volume level.

The true line source behavior of the L150 exhibits less propagation loss than any conventional loudspeaker, resulting in a vastly enlarged “sweet spot” that is particularly beneficial in any situation with a large seating area. Whether in a media room with a casual seating arrangement or dedicated home theaters with multiple rows of seating, everyone in the audience is treated to “money seat” performance.

The L150 consists of two 76-inch tall by 8-inch wide cabinets per channel, with the woofer cabinet crossing over to the mid/high frequency planar magnetic line source cabinet at 275Hz. The mid/high frequency cabinet builds upon the planar magnetic line source array of the Sage Series’ L75 model, incorporating three 24-inch PMD drivers resulting in a 72-inch true line source, yielding superior resolution, extraordinary dynamic capability, low distortion and wide dispersion.

The low frequency cabinet within the L150 incorporates twelve proprietary high operating pressure woofers. Each woofer cabinet is driven by a single SA-1 amplifier, thereby using a combined 1,000 watts from its two 500-watt amplifier channels for the 12 woofers. Each channel is a two-cabinet system designed to be installed in-wall or on-wall, adjacent to each other, within four or five inches of each other (flanking a stud in in-wall installations).

L150 Specifications
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Frequency response 30Hz – 20kHz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
Frequency response, 30° off horizontal axis 30Hz – 18kHz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
planar section
3 ohms
woofer section
6 ohms
planar section
96 dB / 2.83 V / 1m
woofer section
96 dB / 2.83 V / 1m
Shipping weight,
bass section
90 lbs. (41 kg)
Shipping weight,
planar section
53 lbs. (24 kg)


L150i Mid Bass .dwg, .dxf, pdf
L150i PMD .dwg, .dxf, pdf
L150m Mid Bass .dwg, .dxf, pdf
L150m PMD .dwg, .dxf, pdf
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