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L100 Line Source

Available in In-Wall and On-Wall versions.

L100 Loudspeaker

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Top 25 Best awards the Sage Series, November 2011 recognized the Sage Series in listing them as one of the Top 25 Audiophile Speakers of all time.
Australia's Sound + ImageAustralia's Sound + Image Award
The Sage Series has won Australia's Sound+Image Award in 2010 for In-Wall Loudspeaker Series of the Year in the Custom Installation category.

L100 Loudspeaker
If you have not already done so, we recommend you read our Sage Series Overview before moving on to the specifics of the Sage model below.

Today, several high-end projection screen companies have developed innovative material technologies that allow the use of speakers behind the viewing surface so as to not compromise video or audio performance. These new screen materials provide rich visual detail while also keeping the front speakers hidden from the audiences’ view. Marrying the concept of superior audio and video solutions, the screen materials’ design allows for unsurpassed audio quality from the hidden speakers while maintaining high-end video performance.

The L100i (in-wall) and L100m (on-wall) Sage Series models feature the same line source planar magnetic technology found in the Sage Series L75 and L150, but measuring a more compact 50 inches in height. They are able to be completely hidden behind a wide array of acoustically transparent screens, including the popular 2.35:1 aspect ratio screens of suitable width. The L100 incorporates a 50-inch tall planar magnetic line source for mid and high frequencies, accompanied by a woofer array containing eight proprietary high operating pressure woofers. Each woofer cabinet is driven by a single SA-1 amplifier, thereby using a combined 1,000 watts from its two 500-watt amplifier channels for the 8 woofers. Each channel is a two-cabinet system designed to be installed in-wall or on-wall, adjacent to each other, within four or five inches of each other (flanking a stud in in-wall installations).

Considering the fact that the center channel handles the majority of soundtracks' vocals and dynamics, we also offer a no-compromise option to those customers who want the best performance possible from their center channel, the C150 Center Channel. The C150i (in-wall) and C150m (on-wall) models incorporate a 50-inch tall planar magnetic line source for mid and high frequencies, accompanied by two woofer arrays, each containing eight proprietary high operating pressure woofers for a total of sixteen woofers. Because the C150 is a line source, it requires installation behind an acoustically transparent screen and is not able to be mounted horizontally either below or above the screen. In such installations (as in professional cinemas), having the center channel information delivered from behind the screen lends a sense of coherence and vocal localization that provides an even more engaging experience for the listener. Of course, for those who wish to do so, it is entirely possible to use the C150 for the left and right channels behind the screen, as well.

As with all Sage Series systems, the 7.3 channel SC-1 System Controller is the heart of the system. It provides the active crossover between bass and midrange/treble, system-specific EQ, as well as Audyssey™ MultEQ® XT room correction on all 17 output channels for consistent no-compromise performance in every installation.

For those customers seeking a high performance architectural loudspeaker that can be installed in locations where the flagship L150 is not practical, the L100 is the solution. Merging the benefits of an integrated loudspeaker with the superior qualities of a true PMD line source and outstanding low frequency performance, the L100 stands far above conventional architectural speaker systems. Capable of unprecedented dynamics, low distortion, high resolution, faithful timbre reproduction, three dimensional sound staging and freedom from compression, this system should be compared with the best freestanding systems and needs to be auditioned to be fully appreciated.

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L100 Specifications
All specifications are subject to change at any time, in order to improve the product.

Frequency response 40Hz – 20 kHz ± 2dB relative to the target curve
planar section
4.5 ohms resistive
woofer section
4 ohms nominal, 2.5 ohms minimum
planar section
95 dB/1w/1m
Power handling, peak >1000w
Dimensions See appropriate Dimensions drawings
Shipping weight,
bass section
62 lbs. (28 kg)
Shipping weight,
planar section
32 lbs. (14.5 kg)


L100i Mid Bass .dwg, .dxf, pdf
L100i PMD .dwg, .dxf, pdf
L100m Mid Bass .dwg, .dxf, pdf
L100m PMD .dwg, .dxf, pdf
To view the CAD drawings above, download SolidWorks eDrawings here.

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