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Insight Series

Introducing the Insight Series
The Insight Series™ brings key core technologies and performance characteristics of the award-winning Sage Series® to more accessible price points. Each Insight Series model incorporates both newly developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers, all proprietary and designed by Wisdom Audio. Unlike the fully active Sage Series, the Insight Series utilizes precision passive crossover networks making it possible to drive each speaker with a single amplifier channel.

The Insight Series benefits from everything we learned in engineering the Sage Series and maintains the core advantages of our planar magnetic transducers. Whether the Insight models are used for an entire system or mixed with Sage models, the performance will always provide a compelling and rewarding listening experience.

Insight Series vs The Competition
Planar magnetic driver technology offers significant benefits over traditional driver technologies. PMDs provide superior detail, outstanding dynamic range, and, in the case of line sources, provide controlled directivity as compared to alternative technologies, all of which add up to create a more consistent and realistic level of performance in your home. We encourage you to learn more about our proprietary planar magnetic drivers on our website.

For installations and budgets where the use of Insight Series line sources is possible, there are real-world advantages. Since true line sources, not to be confused with stacked, point source arrays trying to be line sources, effectively eliminate floor and ceiling reflections, they are especially valuable for large rooms or those with architectural challenges including cathedral or coffered ceilings, hard-surfaced floors, etc. But their singular benefit is heard in any room: you hear more of the speaker and less of the room. Everything is significantly clearer. We encourage you to learn more about the advantages of our proprietary planar magnetic drivers below.

In Summary
In the classic manner of trickle down technology, Wisdom Audio is proud to offer an extension of our essential core technology with the Insight Series. Maintaining some key benefits of our Sage Series, these models are ideally suited for the listener that demands both superior performance and a less complex installation. Comparable only to the more sophisticated, award-winning Sage Series, the Insight Series continues the evolution of Wisdom Audio’s performance-driven architectural solutions at the pinnacle of the category.