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Infinite Rush Loudspeaker

Infinite Rush

Infinite Rush Loudspeaker
Although the most compact model in the series, the Infinite Rush is a large-scale system offering performance qualities that elevate it above ordinary designs. A superb system for the most discriminating listeners, it is ideal for a range of listening environments, providing a unique combination of extraordinary detail, clarity, low dynamic compression, accurate timbre reproduction and natural dynamic contrasts. Consistent with Infinite Series systems, a unique three section planar-magnetic array providing the mid and high frequencies is mated to an extraordinary low frequency assembly. Utilizing the low frequency section of the Adrenaline® Rush, incorporating four 12-inch, underhung, 3-inch voice coil low frequency regenerators per channel, for a total of eight drivers per pair, this system’s low frequency performance is only surpassed by its larger siblings. The Infinite Rush is a world-class system, ideal for the discriminating music and film lover that demands a large scale, highly refined and dynamically realistic loudspeaker.


Drivers (Planar Array Line Source) Three 75"x3" Planar Magnetic/Channel
Drivers (Low Frequency Regenerator) Four 12" Underhung 3" coil
Line Source Driver Weight 129 lbs. each channel
Low Frequency Magnet Weight 152 lbs. each channel
Frequency Response 10-25,000 Hz
Horizontal Dispersion Over 130 degrees
Vertical Dispersion 6' Line Source
Sensitivity 1W/1M Equivalent 91dB Equivalent Ratio
Line Source (Nominal Impedance) 5.5 ohms
Line Source (Minimum Impedance) 5.5 ohms
Low Frequency Regenerator Impedance Choice of 2, 4 or 6 ohms
Active Crossover Point (Planar Array and Woofers) 100 Hz
Active Crossover Point (Planar Array and Woofers) 600 Hz
Passive Components None
Required Channels of Amplification 6 (Up to 8 or 10 as an option)
Max. Power Handling (Planar Array Line Source) 3000 watts per channel
Max. Power Handling (Low Frequency Regenerator) 4000 watts per channel
Recommended Amplifier Power (Planar Array Line Source) 200-750 watts per channel (x2)
Recommended Amplifier Power (Low Frequency Regenerator) 200-2000 watts per channel
Complete System Weight 1600 lbs.
Line Source Cabinet (H" x W" x D") 80" x 21" x 42"
Low Frequency Cabinet (H" x W" x D") 68" x 15" x 38"