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Infinite Grande Loudspeaker

Infinite Wisdom Grande

Infinite Wisdom Grande Loudspeaker
The Infinite Wisdom Grande is the pinnacle of our achievements, representing a milestone in the evolution of loudspeaker design. Unlike any other system ever produced, it was conceived for environments too large for other systems, including multi-level rooms in the largest homes and palaces, great halls and ballrooms. Employing stacked three section planar-magnetic arrays over 13 feet tall, low frequency assemblies over 8 feet tall and a total system weight of almost two tons, this is a monumental system.

The Infinite Wisdom Grande is not only capable of high sound pressure levels in excess of 120 dB, but it achieves this in an effortless manner with unequaled sonic refinement. The unprecedented number of transducers employed yields an immense sound generating surface area capable of very high sound pressure levels, while also allowing for a significant reduction in all types of transient distortion. At levels below 110 dB, each transducer is operating at a fraction of their potential and, consequently, within their lowest distortion range. This contributes to the extraordinary detail, clarity, absence of dynamic compression, natural timbre reproduction and effortless quality of the system.

The stacked Infinite Series three section planar-magnetic arrays are mated to mammoth low frequency assemblies incorporating twelve 12-inch, underhung, 3-inch voice coil low frequency regenerators per channel, for a total of twenty-four drivers per pair.

The Infinite Wisdom Grande is a triumph of our transducer technology and design principles. It offers a unique solution for those discerning music lovers with large-scale environments unsuitable for lesser systems. Unlike any other system in concept or execution, the Infinite Wisdom Grande defies categorization and is in a class by itself.


Drivers (Planar Array Line Source) Six 75"x3" Planar Magnetic/Channel
Drivers (Low Frequency Regenerator) Twelve 12" Underhung 3" coil
Line Source Driver Weight 258 lbs. each channel
Low Frequency Magnet Weight 456 lbs. each channel
Frequency Response 10-25,000 Hz
Horizontal Dispersion Over 130 degrees
Vertical Dispersion 12' Line Source
Sensitivity 1W/1M Equivalent 91dB Equivalent Ratio
Line Source (Nominal Impedance) 5.5 ohms
Line Source (Minimum Impedance) 5.5 ohms
Low Frequency Regenerator Impedance Choice of 2, 4 or 6 ohms
Active Crossover Point (Planar Array and Woofers) 100 Hz
Active Crossover Point (Planar Array and Woofers) 600 Hz
Passive Components None
Required Channels of Amplification 12 (14 to 20 as an option)
Max. Power Handling (Planar Array Line Source) 6000 watts per channel
Max. Power Handling (Low Frequency Regenerator) 12000 watts per channel
Recommended Amplifier Power (Planar Array Line Source) 200-750 watts per channel (x4)
Recommended Amplifier Power (Low Frequency Regenerator) 600-6000 watts per channel
Complete System Weight 3800 lbs.
Line Source Cabinet (H" x W" x D") 160" x 21" x 60"
Low Frequency Cabinet (H" x W" x D") 102" x 32" x 48"